Spotlight On: The Panther Chronicles Urban Fantasy Series

The Panther Chronicles Urban Fantasy

 “These times we live in, girl, they are something big. Something strange.”

Sometimes, books come along and they are just the right thing you need to read for the moment. And sometimes, books come along that are actually of the moment as well. The Panther Chronicles is such a series. Set in the socio-political tumult of 1969, this urban fantasy series combines a very cool magical world with the revolutionary spirit of that time.

There are marches and protests. The main character — nineteen-year-old Jasmine, a black sorcerer from Crenshaw who now attends UC Berkeley — volunteers with the Black Panthers. And J. Edgar Hoover is a slightly unhinged ceremonial magician using dark powers and scribbled rants to control the nation. The relevance to today's political climate is all too apparent.

But I love that this series works even if you aren't politically inclined, because it's also just a really great, fun read. The serious issues aren't heavy handed, but shown as a natural part of the characters' world, much like our own. Characters have an emotional depth that I appreciated — especially Jasmine, who reminded me of me at that age. She volunteers with the Panthers, but she also questions motives and means and methods. And the revolution on the page isn't just political; there's a magical revolution brewing as well. Plus, there's an Association of Magic and Sorcery hidden in a Spanish-style mansion in the Hollywood Hills that needs to be a Real Thing.

There are so many ways to approach this series — if you care about activism and social justice issues, if you appreciate diversity, if you love books brimming with all different kinds of magic and witchcraft, or if you're just looking for a great urban fantasy read, you should check this series out! Take a look...


The Panther Chronicles

To Raise a Clenched Fist to the Sky

The Panther Chronicles Book 1

1969: Magic. Tear gas. Revolution.

Eighteen year old Jasmine Jones, hereditary sorcerer, steps off a Greyhound bus in Oakland and walks straight into an uprising.

Battling the shadowy danger stalking her family and friends, Jasmine must shake up the Association of Magical Arts and Sorcery and find her place among the Black Panthers, who keep secrets of their own.

To Wrest Our Bodies From the Fire

The Panther Chronicles Book 2

1969: What happens when your government betrays your friends, and magic is the only power you have to save the world? 

Jasmine Jones -nineteen year old hereditary sorcerer and proud member of the Black Panther Party- discovers that in the fight for what is right, you sometimes need to risk your life and challenge everything you know. In a time of bullets and betrayal, when shape-shifters walk the streets and government agents stalk the astral planes, Jasmine and her comrades must stand strong. 

To Drown This Fury in the Sea

The Panther Chronicles Book 3

1969: Sorcerers battle the FBI and the Black Panthers fight for the heart of the people.

Jasmine Jones – nineteen year old hereditary sorcerer– is wounded in action, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost the fight. Ancient forces gather. Temples rise. Shadowy agents seek their prey. In the streets, the Panthers roar. 

Can Jasmine ride the power of the sea, or will she be pulled under? Will right prevail?

To Stand With Power on This Ground

The Panther Chronicles Book 4

1969: War in Vietnam. War on the streets of California. The scent of sorcery fills the air. 

Lives and freedom are at risk as the FBI closes in.

Can Jasmine Jones and the Black Panthers unite the people? Can they stand in their power in the midst of this magical fire?

Can this battle be won?

Find out in the thrilling conclusion to The Panther Chronicles.

About the Author

T Thorn Coyle Author

T. Thorn Coyle writes books, drinks tea, and agitates for justice.

Author of the novel "Like Water," the story collections "Alighting on His Shoulders," and “Break Apart the Stone,” she has also written multiple non-fiction books including "Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists & Other Creatives," and "Evolutionary Witchcraft." Thorn's work appears in many anthologies, magazines, and collections. She has taught magical practice in nine countries, on four continents, and in twenty-five states.

Her alt-history urban fantasy series "The Panther Chronicles" launches in Summer 2017.

An interloper to the Pacific Northwest, Thorn joyfully stalks city streets, writes in cafes, and talks to crows, squirrels, and trees. Sometimes she gets arrested.

Thorn is active on: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Patreon