Cover Reveal: Everlast Series by Juliana Haygert

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'Never judge a book by its cover' is probably one of the most repeated sayings — and one of the most ignored when it comes to actual books. When you see a pretty cover, tell me you don't get all giddy and hopeful at the promise of story within. I know I do!

Like these new covers for the Everlast series by my fellow Secrets & Sorcery author, Juliana Haygert, designed by Moonchildljilja. They're so sleek and pretty, with art that hints at the urban fantasy and post-apocalyptic elements promised in the synopsis, a story of action and magic in a darkened world. Take a look for yourself...

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The Everlast Series

Destiny Gift (Everlast #1)

by Juliana Haygert
New Adult ● Paranormal
Coming: October 24, 2017

Her gift will bring light to a world of darkness…

In 2047, the world exists in permanent darkness. Nineteen-year-old Nadine, a student at NYU, works hard to better her family’s life in the harsh conditions. When she starts having strange visions of someone named Victor, she tries to ignore the flashes, afraid she might be going insane.

But when she bumps into a very real Victor, her entire world shifts. Her visions taking a turn for the worse, Nadine is bombarded with prophecies of eerie fates, unfamiliar gods, sharp-clawed demons… and instructions. Along with the reluctant Victor, she finds her path entwined with yet another man, Micah, who may be able to shed light on her dark revelations.

Directed down an unbelievable path of magic and mayhem, the three must unravel clues from the visions in order to restore an ancient creed. The chance to bring sunlight to the world again is in Nadine’s gift, but only if the evil forces behind the darkness don’t manage to stop her first.

If you like Urban Fantasy Romance with Post-Apocalyptic elements, you’ll love this action-packed story about destiny, self-discovery, and love. Destiny Gift will entice fans of Lauren Kate, Cassandra Clare, and Kim Harrison.

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Soul Oath (Everlast #2)

by Juliana Haygert
New Adult ● Paranormal
Coming: November 13, 2017

Her soul will restore life after death…

It’s been three months since the events that changed Nadine’s life, and she’s finally starting to put the pieces back in some semblance of order. But she knows this new normal cannot last. Until Victor and Micah find the scepters that will restore them to their true forms, their human bodies will require her healing touch. It’s only a matter of time before the men return to wreak havoc on her world again.

As if to prove her right, Victor shows up, a swarm of demons on his trail. After turning him away, Nadine is forced to flee to safety, unwilling plunged right back into the chaos of the mystical world. Despite her attempts to keep her family out of the battle, the unthinkable occurs, and her only hope lies in the oath she forces Micah to make.

Confronted by her greatest fear, Nadine finds a new motivation. Vengeance. And when seeking revenge, no risk is too great, including her own life.

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Cup of Life (Everlast #2.5)

by Juliana Haygert
New Adult
Coming: Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

He will live forever, but his existence will mean nothing without her.

Not even a god can break a soul oath. Refusing to accept Nadine’s imminent death, Micah goes on a perilous journey to discover a way to change her terrible fate. A legend about a cup holds the key, but the price to get it may be more than he is willing to pay.

A short novella from Micah’s point of view about his attempt to use love’s light to break through death’s unforgiving darkness.

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Everlasting Circle_JuH.jpg

Everlasting Circle (Everlast #3)

by Juliana Haygert
New Adult ● Paranormal
Coming: Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

Her fight against darkness will only delay death…

With the last battle fast approaching, the time to gather allies for an army is running out. As are the number of days left in Nadine’s life.

Despite Micah’s insistence that they find a way to stop Nadine’s impeding death, she chooses to focus all her attention on strategies to win the war instead. With a new hero, a new god, and new abilities, she starts to believe they might actually have a chance to lift the never-ending veil of darkness. Until a betrayal throws a wrench into their carefully made plans, setting them back to square one.

Lost and angry, Nadine contemplates giving up, but her warrior spirit won’t allow her to admit defeat. Her time on this Earth might be ending, but she has too much to accomplish before she dies. Against all odds, Nadine will keep fighting to win the war… even if it takes until her very last breath.

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About the Author

While Juliana Haygert dreams of being Wonder Woman, Buffy, or a blood elf shadow priest, she settles for the less exciting--but equally gratifying--life of a wife, mother, and author. Thousands of miles away from her former home in Brazil, she now resides in Connecticut and spends her days writing about kick-ass heroines and the heroes who drive them crazy.

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