Day 3 of Christmas Ebook Giveaway Extravaganza

On the third day of my 12 Days of Christmas Ebook Giveaway Extravaganza, I'm giving you... Seed to Harvest by multiple Hugo and Nebula award winner Octavia E. Butler because I just love her so much. And you, too! But... mostly her.

This omnibus contains all four novels in her Patternist series: Wild Seed, Mind of My Mind, Clay's Ark, and Patternmaster — if you love sci-fi with secret histories that span from Ancient Egypt to the far future and include telepathic mind control, alien viruses, shape-shifters and more, this one is for you.

And just what is this 12 Days of Christmas Ebook Giveaway extravaganza type thing? It's me giving away one ebook from an awesome sci-fi or fantasy author every day for the next twelve days! There are several ways you can enter to win each day, all of them free. The giveaway ends on December 23 and all the winners will receive their gifts via email on Christmas Eve. So go forth and enter, you SFF book loving fool... and happy holidays!


12 Days of Christmas Ebook Giveaway
Extravagaza Type Thing

Seed to Harvest (The Patternist Series)

Octavia Butler

Science Fiction | Fantasy

The complete Patternist series—the acclaimed science fiction epic of a world transformed by a secret race of telepaths and their devastating rise to power.

In the late seventeenth century, two immortals meet in an African forest. Anyanwu is a healer, a three-hundred-year-old woman who uses her wisdom to help those around her. The other is Doro, a malevolent despot who has mastered the power of stealing the bodies of others when his wears out. Together they will change the world.

Over the next three centuries, Doro mounts a colossal selective breeding project, attempting to create a master race of telepaths. He succeeds beyond his wildest dreams, splitting the human race down the middle and establishing a new world order dominated by the most manipulative minds on Earth.

In these four novels, award-winning author Octavia E. Butler tells the classic story that began her legendary career: a mythic tale of the transformation of civilization.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Octavia E. Butler including rare images from the author’s estate.

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