Step On A Crack

cracked heart ground.jpg

Step on a Crack: Heartbreak & earthquakes as an act of revenge ● Spec Fic ● 250 words ● 1 minute read

When she saw them kissing, at first she wanted to die. But the thought soon passed, replaced by a much darker one, vivid and striking in its clarity: she wanted the earth to swallow them whole, the “new” lovers gone and forgotten, discarded like trash the way she’d callously been. She balled her fists tight as she thought this, applying so much force to the thought, three blood-red crescent moons appeared in her palms.

No one really noticed the rumbling earth. Some thought it an earthquake, just as many thought it a truck. All went on with their lives, unbothered. Those who skirted the jagged crack muttered about lazy politicians and the weak economy, the crumbling infrastructure. That is, those who weren’t convinced the crack had always been.

But some knew the crack had always been, had it not? There was even a legend, after all: how if you stepped on this particular crack, it would not be your mama’s back you would break, but your own heart.

The old man at the bus stop down the street explained this legend to her – he was a believer in the crack’s permanence because he vaguely remembered it from his youth. And so she listened, and she smiled, all the while pressing a tissue to her palm, the white sheet dotted with three tiny crescents of red.