Inspiration: Rihanna for 1966 Magazine


If I believed in the more fear-based Illuminati conspiracy theories (like the ones that say the one eye / all-seeing eye thing is part of a pure evil mind control plot), I would have a field day with this – I mean, you have the ornate left eye, the clear allusion to the Eye of Horus, the rather, uh, interesting war-zone looking background… But I don’t care about the Illuminati like that, or even Rihanna really. I just think this picture is dope.

Although, it is also interesting that the picture is for 1966 Magazine

1966 not only saw the kickoff of Project MKOFTEN but also the beginning of a major paradigm shift, not only in the conduct of psychological warfare but the tone and content of the overall culture as well.

In fact, so much occultism would creep into the public consciousness in 1966 that one author chose it as his year zero for the book, Here’s To My Sweet Satan: How the Occult Haunted Music, Movies, and Pop Culture, 1966-1980.

And… now I’m wondering which WIP this picture is actually speaking to – the fairy tale retelling set in a futuristic Indian-Art Deco world, or the government conspiracy thriller featuring a version of MKUltra?