The Prophecy


Afrofuturist Art by Fabrice Monteiro:

There are certain depictions of African life we in the West are all too accustomed to seeing: Images of poverty, violence and corruption conjure a one-note vision of an abject space that fails to capture the complexity bubbling beneath the surface.

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro, however, captures up a very different vision of Africa, one in which beauty, debris, danger and hope are closely interwoven. His Afrofuturist images predict a post-Apocalyptic future, where garbage and rubble are transformed into intricate, brilliant garments, serving as warning to future generations.

His series, titled “The Prophecy,” aims to align tradition and progress for future generations, creating a visual lesson of the most jaw dropping variety. The photographs chronicle Gaia, the ancient Greek personification of Mother Earth, who is exhausted by the prospect of maintaining the natural cycles in lieu of the contemporary habits of over-consumption. She sends djinns — supernatural genies — to deliver humans a message, a message, according to the artist, “of warning and empowerment.”

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