Art Deco Aesthetic

When I decided to write a sci-fi retelling of Snow White, I wondered how that world would look. I chose science fiction because, while I love fairy tales, I don’t really like the medieval settings of traditional fantasy and didn’t want to do something contemporary either. And then I saw this car, a 1930’s Bugatti Atlantic:

And I thought to myself, Wow, that kind of looks like a spaceship or a hovercar or something! And I wondered why we don’t make cars that look like that anymore. I mean…

Doesn’t it look like it’s hovering? This car looks far more “futuristic” than most cars of today, or maybe that’s just me. That car led to this 1930’s Henderson motorcycle:

Is this not dope? Dope AF, I tell ya. I’m not even into motorcycles like that, but I want one of these. It doesn’t even look like it has wheels. Like, it would just skim along the ground… And so I created a hoverbike for my book, just so I could have this motorcycle in there:

At the top of the hill, Hunter’s brakes flash, two red eyes peering out in the dark. The rear of his bike gleams wine-black, a beetle’s carapace with polished chrome trim. The wheels eject with a swish and Hunter lands, gracefully transitioning from the air to the ground.

He looks back at Amara, his face lit up with her favorite grin. A rakish ‘I’m up to no good, wanna join me?’ grin. “Come on, Your Slowness,” he yells back at her. “We don’t have all night!”

Amara laughs and speeds up. When she nears the top of the hill, she switches hovermode off. Excitement gives way to tension as she makes the short descent to the ground, her body clenched with expectation. Not having yet mastered the art of the landing, she bucks hard when her wheels meet rocky earth.

At least this time she stays on.