Inspiration: Bad Romance

Labor Day is over. *sigh*

It’s also supposed to rain tomorrow. *deeper sigh*

Schools are back in session and Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in Starbucks (not to mention pumpkin whatevers are everywhere I look), so I guess this means that Fall is here. Now, I love Fall – it’s my favorite season, meteorologistically speaking – but I really enjoyed this summer and maybe took the “lazy days” thing a little too much to heart. It’s hard to give that up. Since I have to get back into the writing grind, I’m revisiting all the things that initially inspired my current WIPs, starting with this video.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga’s more recent efforts, but this video is a masterpiece. Something from literally every scene has left its mark one way or another on something I’ve written or am writing, like this scene here:

Which inspired the look of this world I’m creating:

Excitement hums through Amara like a song, a rhythmic thrill pulsing through her every engineered cell. Sneaking out with Hunter on “borrowed” hoverbikes usually has that effect. The curve of the Tower recedes in her mirror and Amara smiles into the wind. The filtration mask she wears bites at her cheeks, the lacy black mesh too tight along the contours of her face. Fresh air and freedom are worth it, though.

(And with its pearl and filigree fasteners, at least her mask is cute.)

And also this:

A crackling boom thunders through the lounge. The window shatters, imploding within. Glass flies through the air, sparkling like deadly jewels. The girls shriek and duck, covering their faces though they know it’s only a technological trick of the light. Indeed, the shards dissolve in the air like digital mist, revealing the fully intact window, the everyday sherbert sky just beyond.