Project Snow

Science Fiction  Fairy Tale  Novelette (9K Words)

Snow White meets genetic engineering in this captivating blend of science fiction and dark fairy tale that will hook you from the very first line…

Like most engineered kids, Amara can’t wait to turn sixteen. Sixteen means confirmation of immunity to the aging infection that plagues mankind. And confirmation means freedom, leaving behind the quarantine of the Tower where she’s lived all her life for a new life in the city — no filtration veils required.

But the queen has other plans. The queen is dying and needs a new heart. Daughter or not, Amara’s will do. With her mother out for her heart, Amara can’t afford misplaced trust. A Guardsman wants to help save her, but is it for love or a dark plan of his own?

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❝Wow. From the first description of that single drop of blood I was hooked. You’re an amazing writer. And this is crazy good.❞
— Tamoja