Science Fiction ● Dystopian ● Short Story (WIP)

Technician #479 is the lucky worker assigned to birth SIA, a new model-D bot at the Simtex Factory on the far east side of town. Socially intelligent and aware, learning, feeling, thinking... SIA is bot, perfected. Technician #479 is lucky indeed.

Until a Mistake is made during the birthing process. Then Technician #479 fears for his job. He knows any Mistakes can only be the fault of the Employee. And he did close his eyes, if only for a few seconds. He will most certainly be Demoted. Maybe even Fired, forced out the back of the factory at gunpoint. Driven from the safety of the factory compound into the Skids, that no-man's-land of Unemployed lawlessness where he'll be forced to scratch out a living somehow...

Why, oh why, did he close his eyes?

And was it truly a Mistake, or something more?

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