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That Hoodoo You Do

Secrets & Sorcery ANTHOLOGY

Limited Edition ● SUMMER 2017 ONLY
Paranormal Romance Novella (20K words)

THAT HOODOO YOU DO tells the tale of a young hoodoo witch and the guitar-playing bluesman she falls for. When Juju’s momma works powerful conjure to keep her new boyfriend away, Juju summons the Man at the Crossroads for help… but deals like that always come at a cost. Just one of 17 witchy tales available for a limited time.

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It’s a bitch to love a witch…

Prepare to fall under the spell of 17 paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance stories filled with witches, necromancers, shape-shifters, aura-readers, demons, and more!

This anthology from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, internationally best-selling, and award-winning authors is a wickedly fun collection promising hours upon hours of reading enjoyment.

Each story in this limited edition anthology is new and exclusive, featuring unique magical abilities and spellbinding characters you won’t soon forget!