The First Will Be Poetic

YA ● Paranormal ● Short Story (6K words)

Prom should be a night of fun, magic and… murder? In this deliciously dark paranormal thriller, it just might be.

Victoria Singer wants prom to be a magical night. She’s going with her longtime crush, Brett Tyler, and she’s decided that he will be her first. She’s all set to get her wish, too — until an old frenemy appears, dredging up dark secrets that could leave Victoria singing a woeful tune by the night’s end.

But Victoria is nothing if not determined. Her first will be poetic… the way justice often is.


❝That was just... WOW. That was beautiful!❞

❝Uuuh, that was so amazing! This is, like, the best plot twist ever! ❤❞

❝This is absolutely brilliant! I love the plot twist. It gives a little creepiness, I suppose. It’s amazing!❞